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Trouble logging in? Read through our troubleshooting FAQs
Aaron Corkin
Updated 8 months ago
When signing up to we always recommend doing so using your email address, however it sometimes can be more convenient to sign up using services such as, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google.

If you have signed up using one of these services, the email address associated with your account will be the one used on these profiles. Please enter this email address when logging in, or click the 'Other Sign In Options' button.

If you can't remember how you logged in, enter your email in the field and we will let you know. If you're asked to create an account, that email address is not associated with any user on our platform.


I've signed in to my account but it's blank!
This may be due to using the wrong service to sign in. A new account has been created for you. Try logging out then entering your original account email address to continue. If you have forgotten it please contact us using the link above.

I received an email saying I have a new message but when I login it's not there!
MatchMaker allows you to define a separate notification email address to your login one. This was so users who have signed up with a social media account can direct notifications to a current email address. Please always sign in with the social channel you signed up with, or use the email address you signed up to the platform with.
If you have issues or have forgot your email address used please contact us using the link above. 

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