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Set up a Notification Email

Get your new message alerts to an alternative email so you never miss a conversation.
Aaron Corkin
Updated 9 months ago
If you've signed up for using a social login such as LinkedIn or Facebook any new message alerts will be sent to the email address associated with that account.

We understand some people may use an old email address for these so have added a way for you to re-route your notifications to a more commonly accessed email address.

Please note: Adding a notification email will not change your login method. Please continue to sign in your usual way.

To set this up head to your account menu (upper right) then click Settings

Under Notification Email add your preferred email address where you'd like to receive new message notifications. Click Save. 
We will send an automated email to your account address to confirm the change. 

If you want to revert your change and go back to receiving them to your account email then click the Reset button. We will again send an automated email confirming the change. 

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